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Philadelphia Museum College of Art . Broad & Pine Streets 

You are cordially invited 

to attend the 


at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art 

Friday, June 7, 1963 

4 to 7 pm 

$5 Admits One 


A Scholarship Fund Program 


Young Designers '63 

Preview of the annual comprehensive 
exhibition of more than 1,000 
examples of student work representing 
all departments of the College 

Presentation of Door Prizes at 6 pm 

Original works of art 

contributed by distinguished Alumni 


Your sponsorship of the 1963 PMCA Scholarship Fund and Spring 
Scholarship Party will give fresh encouragement to our many 
worthy students dependent on scholarships to continue their 

education as artists, designers and art teachers 

We have 

increased this year's goal to $60,000 so that art scholarships 
granted to top students by the Philadelphia Board of Education 
may also be supplemented by the College in cases of need 
With your help all of these young men and women will be able 
to make a vital contribution to our community and to our culture. 

HOWARD A. WOLF, Chairman 
PMCA Board of Governors 

E. M. BENSON, Dean 


Each year the 650 young artists of the Museum College bring their finest work 
to the public in a month-long exhibition opening at the June Spring Scholarship 
Party. More than a thousand works are shown: a selection from every class and 
every department from freshman through senior year, filling the entire main 
floor of the college as well as the campus courtyard and large outdoor studio. 
This event is significant because it reveals, through the art work of gifted 
young men and women, what tomorrow's world of art will be like in all the fields 
for which the college prepares its students: fabric design, industrial, interior and 
dimensional design, photography and the film, the arts of advertising and illus- 
tration, the fine arts and art education. 

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The Honorable William W. Scranton, 
Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 

The Honorable James H. J. Tate, 
Mayor of the City of Philadelphia 

Mrs H. Richard Dietrich 
Mrs Albert M. Greenfield 
Mrs Austin Lamont 
Mrs J. Howard Pew 
Mrs Lessing J. Rosenwald 
Mrs Howard A. Wolf 

George D. Beck 
Mrs Eckiey B. Coxe, III 
Mrs Joseph L. Eastwick 
Mrs Samuel H. Laverty 
Mrs Malcolm Lloyd 
Samuel R. Rosenbaum, Esq. 
Warner S. Shelly 
Mrs Morris Wenger 
Mrs John Wintersteen 


Mrs Edward S. Gifford, Jr. 

Mrs Francis Heed Adier 
Mrs John V. Hastings, III 
Mrs William F. Machold 

Mrs Charles D. Allen 
Mrs Otis W. Balis, Jr. 
Mrs Richard C. Bond 
Joseph Carreiro 

President, PMCA Faculty Council 
Boris Drucker 

President, PMCA Alumni Association 

Mrs Michael H. Egnal 
Mrs Edward Evans 
Mrs Graham French 
Mrs John T. Grisdale 
Mrs Henry Hagert 
Mrs H. Fairfax Leary 
Mrs Joseph A. Livingston 
Mrs. Corinne Meisler 
Mrs Clarence Morris 
Mrs Ira Schwartz 
Mrs Otis Walter 
Mrs Ben Wolf 
Mrs Frederick M. Yost 

Sponsoring Committee 

Mrs Charles H. Abbe 

Mrs H. Michael Albers 

Mrs J. Deaver Alexander 

Mrs William H. Allen 

Mrs Gustave G. Amsterdam 

Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg 

Mrs John S. Arscott 

Mrs Marvin Balistocky 

Mrs F. H. Belfield 

Mrs H. P. Billings 

Don A. Brennan 

Mrs Sol Brody 

Mrs John Mason Brown 

Mrs Robert Montgomery Brown 

Mrs Edward G. Budd, Jr. 

Mrs W.Atlee Burpee, Jr. 

Mrs Charles T. Coiner 

Mrs Ernest Dana 

Mrs Louis E. David, Jr. 

Mrs Richardson Dilworth 

Mrs Benjamin Dintenfass 

Mrs David L. Drabkin 

Mr and Mrs Harry Ferleger 

Mr and Mrs Myer Feinstein 

Dr and Mrs Ferdinand Fetter 

Mr and Mrs Maurice Freed 

Marguerite Gaudin 

Mr and Mrs Robert Gibbon 

Robert D. Goldman 

Mrs Paul Griffith 

Mrs H. J. Grinsfelder 

Mrs John Hale 

Mr and Mrs John Hathaway 

Mrs Aaron Heine 

Mrs Eugene Heisley 

Mrs Earl Helweg 

Mrs Theodore Heysham, Jr. 

Mrs Richard M. Huber 

Mrs Harry Hubschman 

Mrs Theodore C. Jones 

Mrs Norman J. Kalcheim 

William Fulton Kurtz 

Robert S. Lee 

Mrs Bertram Lippincott 

Mrs Robert E. Manley, Jr. 

Mrs Robert McLean 

George Morrison 

Mrs S. S. Neuman 

Mr and Mrs Kenneth Neumann 

Mr and Mrs J. Liddon Pennock 

Mrs Robert Perry 

Mrs Webster Plass 

Mrs Irene Rabinowitz 

Mrs Mel Richman 

Mrs Max Ronis 

Mrs B. Glenn Roy, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs C. Courtney Seabrook 

Mr and Mrs Milton Schneidman 

Mr and Mrs Andries Schramm 

Mrs Dorothea Sitley 

Mrs Nathan Stein 

Mrs Leonard Steinberg 

Mrs Leon C. Sunstein, Jr. 

Jack A. Thalheimer 

Mrs Leonard Tucker 

Mrs Carroll S. Tyson 

Mrs Joseph Vanderveer 

Bertha von Moschzisker 

Mrs Robert Wagner 

Mr and Mrs Edward Warwick 

Dr and Mrs Michael Wetter 

Mr and Mrs Reeves Wetherill 

Mrs William J, Wiley 

Mr and Mrs Henry Lee Willet 

Mrs Nathan W. Winkelman, Jr. 

The Hon. and Mrs Nochem Winnet 

Mrs Morris Wolf 




Board of Governors 

Howard A. Wolf, Chairman 
Philip A. Bregy, Esq. 
Edward G. Budd, Jr. 
Edward K. Cratsiey 
Mrs H. Richard Dietrich 
Ralph E. Eckerstrom 
Mrs Edward S. Gifford, Jr. 
Mrs Albert M. Greenfield 
John Gribbel, 2nd 
R. Sturgis Ingersoll, Esq. 
Dr Peter Kyropoulos 
Dr Austin Lamont 
Mrs H. Fairfax Leary, Jr. 
Mrs Malcolm Lloyd 

Sydney E. Longmaid 
Mrs William F. Machold 
Thomas B. McCabe, Jr. 
Robert Buchanan Mitchell 
Domenico Mortellito 
Mel Richman 

Samuel R. Rosenbaum, Esq. 
Mrs Lessing J. Rosenwald 
Mrs Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. 
Mrs Thomas Raeburn White 
Mrs John Wintersteen 
Frederick M. Yost 

Board of Directors 

S. Gertrude Schell 
Mrs Otis Walter 

Boris Drucker 

John William Brown 
Carmine DeVivi 
Philip J. Eitzen 
Mrs Edward Fahrner 
Edwin Heitman 
Jack E. Hopwood 
Donald Jackson 
Bernadine Kammski 

Donald C. Kern 
Mrs Jerome Kurtz 
James M. Lee 
Gisela Lueders 
Mrs William Millhollen 
Jan Ozog 

Dr Paul W. Partridge 
Henry Walters 
Mrs Henry Walters 
Helen Stevenson West 
Ephraim Weinberg 
Arthur Williams 
Mrs Jerome Zaslow 

xie/s'iM',^t^:j,:,s^nsLj. » 

■-:-. -iKSfjtyrfj-'.'.iiawtfSfJ^teffcli,' 


Raymond A. Ballinger 
Al Bendiner 
Ed Colker 
George Essayian 
Arthur Flory 

Marguerite Gaudin 
Virginia M. Gifford 
Albert Gold 
Sidney Goodman 
John W. Hathaway 

Joseph Hirsch 
Philip Jamison 
Jacquelin Fogel Klapholz 
Leonard Lehrer 
Leonard Nelson 

B I agio Pinto 
Henry Pitz 
Lois Rapp 
Henry Lee Wiilet 


The Art Museum, the College of Art and the Fleisher Art 

Memorial are divisions of the corporate entity 

known as the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Each division is administered by a Board of Governors 

responsible to the Board of Trustees. 


George D. Widener, Chairman of the Board 
R. Sturgis Ingersoll, Esq., President 



Schofield Andrews, Esq. 
Edward G. Budd, Jr. 
Orville H. Bullitt 
Aaron E. Carpenter 
George B. Clothier, Esq. 
Jay Cooke 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll, Esq. 
Mrs H. Fairfax Leary 
Mrs Malcolm Lloyd 
Mrs Stuart F. Louchheim 
Sydney E. Martin 
James Alan Montgomery, 
Jr., Esq. 

Arthur E. Pew, Jr. 

Philip Price, Esq. 

Dr I. S. Ravdin 

Mrs Russell Richardson 

Samuel R. Rosenbaum, Esq. 

Lawrence M. C. Smith 

Floyd T. Starr 

Mrs J. Stogdell Stokes 

Mrs Samuel S. White, III 

George D. Widener 

Mrs John Wintersteen 

Howard A. Wolf 

Morris Wolf, Esq. 

Mrs William F. Machold, President 

Mrs J. Deaver Alexander 
Mrs Pierce Archer 
Mrs King Baird 
Mrs Ingersoll Benson 
Mrs Henry A. Berwind 
Mrs Richard C. Bond 
Mrs Philip A. Bregy 
Mrs William F. Brinley 

Mrs H. Fairfax Leary, Jr. 
Mrs Bertram Lippincott 
Mrs Malcolm Lloyd 
Mrs W. Logan MacCoy 
Mrs Robert L. McNeil, Jr. 
Mrs Staunton B. Peck 
Mrs John S. Price 
Mrs Philip Price 

Mrs George S. G. Cavendish Mrs Carl A. G. Riege 

Mrs J. Hamilton Cheston 
Mrs Benjamin Coates 
Mrs Dorothea Collins 
Mrs Eckley B. Coxe, III 
Mrs Fitz Eugene Dixon, Jr. 
Miss Caroline T. Drayton 
Mrs John W. Drayton 
Mrs Joseph L. Eastwick 
Mrs F. Woodson Hancock 
Mrs Thomas Hart 
Mrs Henry H. Hubbard 
Mrs George B. Junkin 
Mrs Albert F. A. King 

Mrs Brooke Roberts 

Mrs John C. Russell 

Mrs H. Orvel Sebring 

Mrs Joseph B. Townsend, Jr. 

Mrs David Van Pelt 

Mrs Lloyd P. Wells 

Mrs Morris Wenger 

Mrs John Wintersteen 

Sustaining Members 
Mrs J. Hamilton Cheston 
Mrs Henry S. Jeanes 
Mrs J. Howard Pew 
Mrs William T. Tonner 


Design-Richard Hood/ Photography-Murray Weiss/ Printing for the Spring Scholarship Party contributed by: 

Typography by Typographic Service Inc. /Negatives by Colorcraft Corp. /Printing by Allen, Lane & Scott, Beck Engraving Co., Inc. 

Chromart Co., Falcon Press, Zabel Brothers Co. Inc. /Paper by Garrett-Buchanan Co., Raymond & McNutt Co., 

Whiting- Patterson Co. Inc. /Binding by Hartman Bindery, Inc. 

This booklet printed on Champion's 70 lb. smooth finish Carnival Offset